About Life2Net

Life2Net develops software helping people to ease the part of their life they spend on the net. The company was founded as an reaction to poorly designed software not solving the task they were put into this world to solve. Focus on all products made by Life2Net is high quality and “no bullshit”. Platform targets are Android devices and Microsoft .NET driven devices and components.  Life2Net was founded in february 2015.


The first product coming is Pic2Post and will be a great alternative to the official open source “WordPress” app. The issues with this app is that it focuses on a wide spectrum of funtionality, which makes it a great tool, but for some tasks it is not suitable. If you really want to post a quick blog with a picture in a hurry you are stuck! It will take you loads of clicks and decisions, so you miss the moment in real life you are trying to make footprint of! Pic2Post will solve this. In a snap you will have your picture on your blog. Enough for now… better get back to work :-)